'Hump Day' Is The Feminist Masturbation Banger Of The Summer

It's a catchy celebration of the beauty in female sexuality.

The sex positive women’s masturbation banger of the summer has finally dropped. 

The video for Brooklyn-based rapper Miss Eaves’ latest single “Hump Day” was released on August 31, and features a diverse group of women who seem to be enjoying the pleasures of pleasuring oneself. The candy-colored video is a visual celebration of female sexuality, with Miss Eaves spitting rhymes like “My digits gonna make me squirm and scream, this is all on me.” 

Miss Eaves, who also co-directed the video, said in a press release that she wanted to “challenge the notion that women have to fit a certain mold physically to be allowed to pleasure and enjoy their bodies.”

She added: “I want women to release the shame they have around their bodies and sexuality and reclaim the power they have to create their own pleasure. I wanted to show real orgasm faces (not tropes pulled from pornography) to demonstrate pleasure can be expressed in many ways.”

While some people might be squeamish about the idea of a woman talking openly and unapologetically about masturbation, the video is a reminder that every woman, no matter what she looks like, is entitled to her own “Hump Day.”

Watch the video above.  



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