Watch Humpback Whales Frolic Beneath The Northern Lights

The stars aligned for this lucky photographer.

This footage of the aurora borealis is spectacular on its own. Add a pod of playing humpback whales to the ethereal glow and we're at a loss for words.

While testing new camera equipment, a Norwegian photographer managed to capture nature at its most breathtaking.

The gorgeous footage was shot recently on the northern Norwegian island of Kvaløya, which translates to "Whale Island" and is no stranger to whale sightings. This time of year is considered ideal timing to catch the aurora borealis, which most frequently appear between September and March.

According to Harald Albrigtsen, the photographer, the encounter wasn't even a once in a lifetime experience: he saw the whales playing under the lights two nights in a row.

"I suddenly came across a group of humpback whales that were playing in the Northern Lights," Albrigtsen told NRK, a Norwegian broadcasting service. "I went back the next day to see if I could come closer. After a few hours I had almost given up, but then they showed up again."

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Watch the full footage below:

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