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This Is How You Make A Hallucinatory Music Video With Only A Flashlight

These days video technology has gotten so intense your average Vine will often look more tech-savvy than "Star Wars." Yet sometimes the best CGI effects cannot compare to the good, old fashioned magic of a humble flashlight. Need proof? Behold, this hallucinatory video from Los Angeles-based indie band Hundred Waters.

The video for "Cavity," directed by Michael Langan, takes the viewer on an electric journey through dark badlands, guided by occasional kaleidoscopic slivers of light. Most of the video was illuminated by only a single flashlight, which was dragged over the landscape and later "echoed" hundreds of times until patterns of light emerged. Langan explained his vision to Colossal:

"The video is a kind of pas de deux between the woman (Nicole Miglis), and light −- evading it, summoning it, and ultimately being consumed by it. We’re playing with the idea of hollowness, attempting to define emptiness by its edges, visually."

See the simple yet entrancing black-and-white vision above and, if you're so inclined, go show that emergency flashlight under your bed some overdue appreciation.