Hey, Look, It's Hundreds Of People Dressed As Charlie Chaplin

A bunch of Tramps got together to make some mischief.
Jump, Tramps, jump.
Jump, Tramps, jump.

On Sunday, what would have been Charlie Chaplin’s 128th birthday, hundreds of people gathered in costume at the silent film star’s former home in Switzerland, the Associated Press reported

Mustachioed participants donned black bowler hats with sharp jackets and walking canes, mimicking Chaplin’s famous getup as the Little Tramp, his best-known character. They gathered in front of the estate where Chaplin spent the last 25 years of his life, which opened as Chaplin’s World museum in April of last year in the village Corsier-sur-Vevey on Lake Geneva. 

A truly little Tramp.
A truly little Tramp.

According to the museum, 662 Tramps of all ages showed up, posing for a photo in a star formation. (Because, you know, Hollywood.)

They also had fun with their hats.

Chaplin, a British actor born in 1889, came to the United States as a teenager to tour with a vaudeville group before moving to California, where he created dozens of films starring as the Tramp character. He eventually settled in Switzerland with his wife and children, dying in 1977 at age 88.