50 Cent Discusses How We Can Prevent Hunger In America (VIDEO)

WATCH: 50 Cent Discusses How We Can Prevent Hunger In America

Rapper 50 Cent appeared alongside HuffPost Live host Marc Lamont Hill Wednesday to discuss hunger in America, an issue that affects more than 14.9 percent of Americans.

Though the New York-born artist is most well known for his music, he also launched a partnership with the United Nations to provide one meal for every bottle of his Street King energy drink sold.

"I chose hunger because when you look at it closer, it's not a third-world issue, it's a world issue. One in six Americans are going hungry," 50 Cent said. "Kids are going to school relying on school lunch to make it through the day."

While 50 Cent himself is not going hungry, he confessed he still has his habits, like eating cheese sandwiches.

"It's a hood thing," he said.

Tatiana Abramova, a Chicago-based activist, is no stranger to childhood hunger after growing up in the Soviet Union during the "lean years." That's why she choose to work with Share Our Strength, which works directly with schools to provide for children in need.

"A child who is hungry, realistically, physically cannot have the same opportunities even in a learning environment," Abramova said. But if kids are properly fed in school, "they can focus on learning and creating these opportunities for themselves without having to focus on where their next cheese sandwich comes from."

What do you think about the fight against hunger in America? Tell us what else we should be doing in the comments below.

Watch the full segment below:

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