'Hunger Games' May Have A Dark Secret You Didn't Notice

Is this theory real or not real?

This might come as a shock, but "The Hunger Games" isn't about an eating contest. It's actually pretty dark stuff. Usually, Jennifer Lawrence shooting some arrows or singing us a song is enough to take our minds off that, but even she might not be able to help with this one.

As if a story about kids killing each other wasn't messed up enough, there's a theory floating around out there that makes "Hunger Games" seem even darker, and Josh Hutcherson himself, who plays Peeta Mellark, is buying into it, too.

The Theory: Foxface ate the poison berries on purpose.

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Poor, Foxface. She was the District 5 tribute who nearly made it to the end before she saw Peeta picking poison Nightlock berries and mistakenly ate them. Well, that's what we're led to believe, anyway. There's one problem, though: Foxface probably knew the berries were poisonous.

Screeeeeeeeeeech. Wait, what?

While watching the movie, savvy observers may have noticed one peculiar training scene that's pretty damning:

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Image: Tumblr

Yeah, Foxface was studying the plants she might encounter in the arena. 

We already know Foxface is intelligent. She outlasts most of the other tributes by observing from afar and, remember, she was also clever enough to figure out a path through the booby traps to get to the Careers' food supply. Because of all this, the odds are ever in her favor that she remembered the Nightlock berries were poisonous, too.

But if she knew the berries were bad, why would she eat them? For that, Redditor circlemanfan has an interesting explanation:

Foxface knew what would happen if she blatantly committed suicide, it would look like defiance to the Capitol and her family would be killed. She decided to end it this way to make sure no one would think she was trying to outsmart anybody.

Boom. There goes the dynamite.

Foxface clearly didn't plan on being the girl on fire. She had the wherewithal to realize she couldn't just openly defy the Capitol like Katniss Everdeen later would. She saw Peeta picking the berries and realized it was her way out. 

Yeah, heavy stuff.

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Adding support, Josh Hutcherson is into the idea, as well. During a recent interview for his new project "The Rusted," the actor told The Huffington Post that the theory "kind of makes sense." He said "Hunger Games" author Suzanne Collins is really the person to ask about it, but added: "If I had to guess, I’d say there’s definitely potential that it’s true. She studied the lay of the land; she studied the plants; so she should know the plants that are food."

So what do you think? Was it a fatal mistake? Or did Foxface, seeing her way out, sadly decide to eat poison berries on purpose?

Dang. This is too much. JLaw, where you at? We could really use a song right about now.

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Eh ... close enough. Thanks.

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