'Hunger Games' On Draw Something: iPhone Game Users Try To Draw Characters From Books, Film

"The Hunger Games" are still the number one movie in the country, but the film's box office success apparently doesn't translate to the artistic skills of its fans.

Case in point: Draw Something. The wildly popular iPhone game in which players try to graphically depict key words, recently added a number of terms related to the Suzanne Collins novel to the game. The results are, well, hilarious.

We've collected the best attempts in the gallery below. Take a look, laugh and let us know which ones you think are the best approximations of Katniss' fiery spirit, Haymitch's bumbling drunkenness and Effie Trinket's hair.

Draw Something has become a runaway hit and recently passed over 50 million installs. The game was created by OMGPOP and sold to Zynga for a reported $210 million.

HuffPost Entertainment previously featured Draw Something users' attempts at drawing Madonna, and it's hard to say which batch is more entertaining. (To be safe, check out the Madge drawings here.)

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