Get The Look For Every Single 'Hunger Games' District (PHOTOS)

Suzanne Collins's "Hunger Games" trilogy wowed readers with its imaginative descriptions of "the Capitol," a world reserved for the wealthy, elite citizens of Panem. The movie adaptation brought the dazzling gowns, wild hair, and elaborate makeup of the citizens to life. Just in time for Halloween (or, you know, fall in general), Cover Girl has released a campaign that can help you achieve a unique, "Hunger Games"-inspired look.

The campaign offers makeup tips for each of the twelve districts in the book, each focusing on a different industry -- Not only can you rock Elizabeth Banks's pale locks and flashy lids, you can also go for a more subdued style, inspired by the golden, rosy grain district, or the auburn, feathery livestock district. Check it out!:

  • District 1: Luxury
  • District 2: Masonry
  • District 3: Technology
  • District 4: Fishing
  • District 5: Power
  • District 6: Transportation
  • District 7: Lumber
  • District 8: Textiles
  • District 9: Grains
  • District 10: Livestock
  • District 11: Agriculture
  • District 12: Mining
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