Hunger Games Gosling Tumblr Account Offers Ryan Gosling Wisdom For 'The Hunger Games'

Ryan Gosling Has Something To Say About 'The Hunger Games'

“Hey girl, may the odds be ever in your favor.”

If you had doubts as to whether Ryan Gosling could be applied to every single cultural phenomenon, put them to rest right now. “The Hunger Games” movie comes out today -- or last night if you were one of the crazy few to brave a midnight showing -- and our favorite male actor / not-quite sexiest man alive / Internet meme has something to say about it. Enter the absolutely genius Hunger Games Gosling Tumblr, which you can appreciate regardless of whether you’ve gotten into the whole Katniss-Peeta-Gale craze.

The Tumblr account, which (thanks to 27-year-old Sara T.) popped up yesterday, features photos of Ryan Gosling with messages sure to comfort even the most unwilling tribute. “Hey girl, I know there can only be one winner in this fight to the death and I want it to be you.” Leave it to Ryan to be selfless even in the face of brutal post-apocalyptic tyranny.

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