Hunger Strike Continues at American Petroleum Institute

Brian Eister,‭ ‬a prominent Washington DC activist,‭ ‬is just over halfway through a‭ ‬30‭ ‬day hunger strike on the steps of the American Petroleum Institute‭ (‬API‭)‬.

With ten years of experience in activism with John Kerry's presidential campaign,‭ ‬the Green Party,‭ ‬and Public Citizen as well as being a visible figure during OccupyDC,‭ ‬Eister has a strong resume when it comes to social justice.

Living on water,‭ ‬salt and potassium,‭ ‬Eister is‭ ‬committed to fasting for‭ ‬30‭ ‬days in front of the American Petroleum Institute in Washington D.C.‭ ‬to‭ "‬...demonstrate the level of commitment,‭ ‬dedication and sacrifice necessary from all of us in the face of...‭" ‬global warming.

"‎I have begun this hunger strike to express with action‭"‬,‭ ‬he says,‭ ‬"the level of commitment needed from every last one of us in the face of impossible odds.‭"

Eister feels that millions of people in America understand intellectually that climate change is one of the greatest threats that have faced humans since they left the cave.‭ ‬He goes on to say‭ ‬that‭ "‬...there is an emotional disconnect which prevents us from living the way we need to live to save our children's future.‭"

Feeling that a minor miracle would be required for future generations to live,‭ ‬Eister is astonished that there aren't more people‭ "undertaking hunger strikes,‭ ‬marching in the streets,‭ ‬writing letters,‭ ‬performing direct actions,‭ ‬and doing everything in our power to save our world.‭"

Eister feels his hunger strike will be mildly‭ ‬successful if it wakes people up and inspires them to move‭ "‬from the sidelines‭" ‬and fight to the same level at which they would fight to save their own life.‭

Eister says‭ ‬'mildly‭'‬ successful because‭ "‬with the window that we have to cut Carbon emissions and avoid catastrophe closing very quickly,‭ ‬I can't imagine any action that I take doing enough to be considered a‭ '‬success‭.'‭"

Eister's call to action for others is to look at the truth with their hearts and act.‭ ‬He encourages people to ask themselves,‭ "‬with the entire future of humanity at stake,‭ ‬with billions of lives at stake,‭ ‬why do I not treat this with more urgency than my own personal day-to-day concerns‭?"

Brian Eister's efforts can be followed at‭ ‬ and on Twitter at‭ @‬hungry4afuture.