Hunky Men Pose With Cute Pups For Animal Rights, And Thankfully Do It Shirtless

Hunky Men Pose With Cute Pups For Animal Rights, And Thankfully Do It Shirtless

One of these guys is definitely looking for someone to go home with.

hunks and houndsMark Delannoy poses with Taylor the dog for a really good cause. Photo credit: Mike Ruiz

It's the dog, Taylor. The New York City-based rescue group that cares for him, Louie's Legacy Animal Rescue, is the organization behind a genius calendar that combines handsome shirtless men with adorable, adoptable doggies.

The 2015 calendar, fittingly called "Hunks and Hounds," benefits Louie's Legacy financially and also promotes animal welfare.

"The message of the calendar is that we should all be kind to animals and protect them from harm," says Mike Ruiz, a celebrity photographer who shot the calendar's images.

hunks and houndsHuman model Camilo Hatuka and Lenny the dog think you should adopt your next pet. Photo credit: Mike Ruiz

Ruiz is well-known for LGBT advocacy on top of his animal rescue work. And he's appeared in front of the camera himself for the Show Your Soft Side anti-cruelty campaign, with his much-loved, very spoiled pit bull Oliver, who was adopted in 2012.

"I can't imagine a life without him," Ruiz says.

show your soft sideMike Ruiz snuggling up with his rescue pup Oliver. Photo credit: Leo Howard Lubow

For those wondering one final question: Yes, it is possible that some of the human Hunks and Hounds models are also available.

"As far as I know, and I know a lot, they are all single," says Ruiz. "I just hope that people enjoy the images, and that they are reminded daily that adopting and loving an animal is the most humane thing a person can do. I hope we sell a million so that Louie's Legacy can broaden their services to be able to help more dogs find forever homes."

dogOliver the pit bull was adopted from Bullies and Buddies in Los Angeles. Photo credit: Mike Ruiz

hunks and houndsHuman Brett Azar and dog Precious present a compelling case for rescuing a furry friend. Photo credit: Mike Ruiz

See more of Mike Ruiz's photographs here. And get in touch at if you have an animal story to share!

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