Ex-Wife Of Country Singer Eddie Montgomery Says Son Died Of Overdose

"We believe it was accidental and will continue to believe that. We know that he needed help."

On Sunday, Sept. 27, country singer Eddie Montgomery announced that his son, Hunter, had died at 19. While Montgomery said that his son died in an accident, the singer's ex-wife, Tracy Nunan, now says that Hunter died of an overdose. 

"Our son died of an overdose," said Nunan in a Facebook post captured by Entertainment Tonight. "We believe it was accidental and will continue to believe that. We know that he needed help. Maybe Hunter's -- and our family's -- pain will help another family avoid this." 

Throughout this ordeal, both Montgomery and Nunan have asked for privacy. Nunan shared in her post that there was a reason the family wanted time away from the media. 

"Grieving the loss of a child is the most heart-wrenching experience any parent can imagine. It defies description. Since the media refuses to respect our request for privacy, I'm taking another route in hope that we might get some peace for our grieving, and more important, in hope that Hunter's story might help others." 

Hunter Montgomery recently had a son, Bennett Reece, with former fiancée Davara Little. Little posted about the loss of her son's father on Sept. 27. 

"Hunter gave me the greatest gift a man can give to a woman and no matter what happened to Hunter and I and where our relationship was going, I will forever be grateful for the sweet boy we have together," read Little's Facebook post. "He lived more in his 19 years of life than most do in 80. Though he left me far too soon, he will always hold a huge part of my heart. Rest easy Hun and forever watch over our sweet baby boy for me." 

Need help? In the U.S., call 1-800-273-8255 for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

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