Canadian Hunter Rescues 20 Abandoned Puppies Found In Field

Hunter Rescues 20 Abandoned Puppies Found In Field

While out on a hunting trip, a Canadian man stumbled onto a field where 20 shivering puppies had been abandoned.

Greg Zubiak made the startling discovery Friday in Saskatchewan, Canada's Global News reports. The puppies, who were discovered in very poor health, are believed to be between three and five weeks old and are currently being cared for by the nearby Battleford's Human Society until permanent homes can be found.

Staff at the shelter speculate the puppies were probably left outside as coyote bait.

Zubiak told local media he didn't think the puppies would have survived another night, due to their deteriorating health and the looming threat of coyotes. To keep the animals warm, Zubiak said, he wrapped the chilly animals up in his own clothes.

"I just took off what I was wearing when I was hunting, like all my hunting stuff, and made them kind of a little place in the front of the box of the truck. They're too small to jump out so I made a little bed for them," he told CBC News.

"It had to have been that day," he added. "Because there are so many coyotes in that area that they wouldn't have made it overnight."

Battlefield's Humane Society is currently nursing the puppies back to health, including administering vaccinations. Since the puppies' story was posted on the shelter's Facebook page, over 300 hundred people have inquired about helping, and countless donations have poured into to alleviate the medial expenses. To contribute, check out the details below:

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