This Video Will Scare You More Than Anything Else You'll See This Halloween

These arachnids are commonly found in homes and cars.

Just as Halloween nears, a video of an enormous spider carrying the lifeless body of a mouse has gone viral, scarring and enthralling viewers all over the world.

The video, which was filmed in Queensland, Australia, shows a huntsman spider carrying a rodent across the side of refrigerator.

“So I am just about to leave for work ... and [my] neighbor says, ‘You want to see something cool’ and I say, ‘hell yeah,’” Jason Womal wrote on Facebook. “We proceed to his place and he shows me this.”

There are nearly 100 species of Huntsman spiders, some with leg spans stretching up to six inches, according to the Australian Museum. One subspecies, the giant huntsman spider, can span nearly a foot in diameter.

Huntsman spiders don’t build webs like many of their brethren, but rather hunt other insects and invertebrates. Although these creatures are frequent visitors inside homes and vehicles, they rarely bite humans.

Womal published several photos of the enterprising spider before sharing the final post about the new adoptee, “Hermie.”

“He is now paying rent,” Womal said.

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