Hurley's 'LOST' Numbers Win Fans Mega Millions Lottery Money

LOST Numbers Win Fans Mega Millions Lottery Money

LOST fans have long been intrigued by the numbers, and now, it won a whole bunch of them some quick cash in Tuesday night's $355 million jackpot Mega Millions lottery.

On the show, fan favorite Hurley won the lottery by using the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42. The numbers tortured him, though, showing up everywhere on the island. Some dedicated fans decided to try their luck with those numbers -- not worried about the consequences of living on a deserted island -- and it paid off.

The winning numbers for the Tuesday night Mega Millions lottery, with its gigantic jackpot, were: 4 8 15 25 47 42. So, four out of six correct. That means the 41,763 that played them won $150.

Not going to make them rich, but their fates will probably better than that of Hurley's.

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