People Want Hurricane Harvey Heroes To Replace Confederate Statues

Everyday people are risking their lives to help each other.

As Confederate statues around the country continue to be taken down, Twitter users have come up with a few ideas for alternative statues to erect instead. Namely, many of the heroes who have emerged in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

Harvey’s devastation has wreaked havoc all over Texas and parts of Louisiana, causing catastrophic flooding, mass injuries, and many deaths. Amid all of this chaos, individuals from all over have come out to lend a helping hand and prove that humanity is still good at heart.

Some of these heroes have been photographed in the act, leading Twitter users to suggest that perhaps statues of them would be a better representation of the history our country should remember and celebrate: 

We couldn’t agree more that these people deserve to be celebrated. We even have another suggestion!

This incredible video posted by CNN of people creating a human chain to save a man stuck in the floodwaters is, as Chris Hayes tweeted, “one of the most concrete and sublime examples of human solidarity I can imagine.” It’s certainly a moment that should be immortalized:

We may not get to choose everything that becomes part of our history, but we can certainly choose how we respond to it. And these responses are pretty damn incredible.



Hurricane Harvey Aerial Images