Hurricane Irene 2011 Space And Satellite Images Of Storm (PHOTOS)

As Hurricane Irene makes its way up the Eastern seaboard, bringing with it 100 mph winds and up to 15 inches of rain in some areas, as many as 65 million people are bracing themselves for a weekend of extreme weather, the Associated Press and NOAA report.

Michael R. Bloomberg, mayor of New York City, ordered mandatory evacuations for nearly 300,000 residents living in coastal areas, and President Obama on Friday declared a state of emergency in New York state in anticipation of the storm.

NASA reported on Friday that, Hurricane Irene's cloud was more than 600 miles wide, with the storm stretches about one-third the length of the entire U.S. Atlantic coast.

Remarkable images from NASA and NOAA satellites, as well as photos taken from the International Space Station 230 miles above the Earth, show the enormity of the storm.

Check out Hurricane Irene from space. The latest images are at the beginning of the slideshow.