Hurricane Irene: Twitter Reactions From Athletes (TWEETS)

Pro Athletes Talk Hurricane Irene On Twitter

With Hurricane Irene tearing up the East Coast overnight on Saturday and into Sunday, millions of people have been caught in her path.

There have been forced evacuations of low-lying areas, extensive flooding and wind damage and a palpable and potent combination of fear and preparedness sweeping the affected areas. With rampant power outages and cable television service being knocked out in many places as well, Twitter has become a source of information and succor during the storm.

Among those sharing their experiences and their prayers on Twitter are professional athletes. And, while they may not be meteorologists or safety experts, they do have tremendous numbers of followers and the ability to reach more people than most of us.

Featuring stars from Ochocinco to Serena Williams, here is a collection of some of the memorable tweets from athletes to their followers as the storm raged on.

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