Hurricane Irene Hits Vermont: State Begins Sorting Through Flooding After Storm (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Much hype was made when Hurricane Irene approached New York City, but it is the storm's aftermath approximately 200 miles north -- in Vermont -- that is making headlines today.

Vermont residents are just beginning to sort through the damage and address the state's worst flooding in a century after witnessing Irene turn small town streets into rivers and send cars toppling downstream.

According to a Reuters report:

Hurricane Irene had been reduced to tropical storm status by the time it reached Vermont but it still dumped 7 inches of rain that flooded homes and businesses. Floodwaters gushed through downtown Brattleboro, an artsy community of 12,000 along the Connecticut River.

The Burlington Free Press reported on two deaths in the state, a 21-year-old woman and a child.

The scenes from the Green Mountain State also produced some of the most shocking and troubling footage of any region affected by the natural disaster.

Video of the 141-year-old Bartonsville Bridge collapsing as it was washed away by flooding quickly circulated the Web among other home footage of the devastating flooding that overtook small Vermont towns. In Brattleboro, fast-moving floods damaged canopies normally used for a local farmer's market.

Even the state's emergency operations headquarters was forced to relocate from Waterbury to Burlington, The New York Times reported.

Scroll through the slideshow below for videos and photographs of the damage Irene dealt in Vermont.

For photos of Irene's aftermath submitted by HuffPost readers, click here.


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