Not Even A Hurricane Can Stop This Super Mailman

“I gotta deliver the mail, son!”

Here’s a guy who takes his job very seriously. 

Video posted on Youtube shows a mailman attempting to make his rounds during a hurricane.

(NOTE: There’s some NSFW language in the clip ― the kind of language that might be used if you’re working in the middle of a hurricane.)

“I gotta deliver the mail, son!” the excited letter carrier shouts as he narrates his attempt to steer the vehicle through high winds and heavy rains. ”I gotta deliver the mail, haha!” 

The postal worker, who was not identified, said the storm was pushing his truck and at one point lifted its rear. It’s not clear when or where this footage was filmed, but by the end of the clip, he seems to be having some second thoughts.

“Seriously, how am I supposed to deliver in this shit?”


(h/t Mashable)