Hurricane Sandy 2012 Photos: Images Capture Storm's Path Of Destruction (PICTURES)

PHOTOS: Hurricane Sandy's Path Of Destruction

As Hurricane Sandy moves up the East Coast, devastating photos are emerging from the path of destruction it has left in its wake.

Hurricane Sandy claimed dozens of lives in the Caribbean. Jamaica, Cuba and the Bahamas were each hit by the storm, but Haiti took the brunt of it, according to the Associated Press. The region saw the most extensive damage and the majority of deaths.

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Hurricane Sandy

Haitians continue to struggle from the 2010 earthquake, and concerns are mounting once again. “The situation is disastrous all over the country,” Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe said, according to the Miami Herald. He is asking for supplies. “We are doing our best, but we need help to deal with this.”

As Hurricane Sandy closes in on the U.S., officials are warning that it could be worse than last year's Hurricane Irene. Regions will be threatened by coastal flooding, leaving low-lying areas particularly vulnerable.

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