Hurricane Sandy Photos: Send Us A Picture Of Your Calm In The Storm

PHOTOS: Readers Create Calm In The Storm

As of this writing, it's unclear just how much damage Hurricane Sandy will do to the homes, businesses and lives of East Coast dwellers. (For news, updates and safety information, follow the HuffPost Hurricane Sandy liveblog.) Here in New York City, as we hunker down to wait it out, we hope that what has so far proven a "hurrication" for many will stay that way, but there's still lots of anxiety about what could happen, and we're sure some of our readers are feeling that, too.

Earlier today AOL Jobs invited readers to submit pictures of the makeshift "home offices" those working remotely today created for themselves. At HuffPost Lifestyle, we're also interested in seeing how you and your friends and/or family have made your home as comfortable as possible during what is for a variety of reasons a challenging couple of days. What room have you all gathered in? How are you passing the time? What have you done to make your space your personal calm in the storm?

Snap a picture and either email it to or Instagram or tweet it @HuffPostWomen using #calminthestorm, and we'll feature it below.

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