Hurricane Sandy On Twitter: How To Follow The Possible 'Frankenstorm' Online

In this image taken by NOAA's GOES East at 2:45 GMT on Friday, Oct. 26, 2012, Hurricane Sandy is seen in the center bottom. T
In this image taken by NOAA's GOES East at 2:45 GMT on Friday, Oct. 26, 2012, Hurricane Sandy is seen in the center bottom. The hurricane has killed at least 20 people in the Caribbean, and just left the Bahamas. It is expected to move north, just off the Eastern Seaboard. When Hurricane Sandy becomes a hybrid weather monster some call "Frankenstorm" it will smack the East Coast harder and wider than last year's damaging Irene, forecasters said Friday. (AP Photo/NOAA)

Are you prepared for the (possible) storm of the century?

Impending Hurricane Sandy, which has been dubbed a "Frankenstorm," is expected to strike near Florida Oct. 26 and continue up the East Coast over the next several days. The Category One storm (at time of publication) has already ripped through the Caribbean, killing dozens of people, and will likely bring an onslaught of wind, rain or even snow to the Mid-Atlantic and New England.

[UPDATE: As of 10:00AM EST on Oct. 29, the storm is on track to hit the East Coast at 2:00AM EST near New Jersey and Delaware. For pictures and live updates, click here.]

As the storm heads toward U.S. soil, some meteorologists have grown increasingly concerned that this winter hybrid may be a "serious threat" for coastal states, reminding many of 1991's devastating "perfect storm."

What can you do to stay in the loop? Use your social media skills, of course! We've complied a list of Twitter accounts, Facebook Pages and Huffington Post sites that will keep you more than informed.

For the best Twitter coverage…

@usatodayweather - National updates about all impending weather
@MattNoyesNECN - Meteorologist, tweeting updates for New England
@JimDuncanNBC12- Virginia meteorologist, tweeting updates for the South and Washington D.C.
@PANYNJ - Updates on New York City's public transit system
@NHC_Atlantic - National Hurricane Center, providing facts and tips
@WSJweather - Wall Street Journal, with a focus on New York weather
@breakingstorm - Constant national weather updates
@capitalweather - Washington Post, with a focus on DC weather
@weatherchannel - National weather updates
@RedCross - Focus on natural disaster preparation
@ASPCA - Offering tips about pet preparation
@NASA - Showing satellite pictures from the storm
@HuffPostGreen - For the latest storm updates from HuffPost
@fema - The official Federal Emergency Management Agency
@twc_hurricane - More information from The Weather Channel
@alroker - Al Roker, meteorologist of NBC's Today Show
@cnnbrk - Breaking news from CNN, including storm updates
@wunderground - Following weather from around the world

Also, journalist
@TheMatthewKeys has curated a "U.S. Severe Weather" twitter list, and HuffPost editor @jadewalker has curated a "Hurricane Sandy" list to help you keep track of some of the best tweeters covering the Hurricane.

Outside of Twitter, here are pages where some of the best local reporters, meteorologist and government agencies will keep you updated with location-specific details:

To map the path the hurricane might take, use our storm tracker map. You can read more about Hurricane Sandy here. Do you have any people you follow during storm and natural disasters? Let us know in the comments section below, or tweet us at @HuffPostTech. Then flip through the slideshow below for more information on Hurricane Sandy.



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