Hurricane Sandy: An Unavoidable Tragedy?

Hurricane Sandy: An Unavoidable Tragedy?

More than 8 million people are without power in the nation's most populous corridor in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. The New York City subway system is swamped and shut down, along with some of the most heavily trafficked tunnels on earth.

Did the institutions in charge of the infrastructure take adequate precautions as the storm approached, or did they skip measures that could have minimized the damage? Have the lessons of past natural disasters, not least Hurricane Irene, which occasioned warnings about coastal surges, been sufficiently heeded by state and federal officials, or were opportunities missed to prevent the damage the affected communities now confront?

At The Huffington Post, we are intent on better understanding the lessons of this tragedy in the interest of minimizing the impact of future storm systems. We are eager to hear from bona fide experts, particularly people with management experience at utilities and engineering firms, to help us evaluate the effectiveness of the preparations for Sandy, and help ensure that we ask the needed questions in the service of holding the relevant private sector and government officials accountable.

Please send a note to with insights and suggestions for the important questions that need to be asked, and point us toward stories that need to be pursued.

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Hurricane Sandy

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