Some People Just Can't Drive

A dad was rushing his kid to school when this happened. There's a lesson in there for the young ones.

A father in Brampton, Ontario, who was rushing his kids to school, apparently needs to take driving lessons.

The dad, whose name has not been released, decided to speed his Nissan SUV through a parking lot to avoid waiting at a red light. 

But pop never made it out of the parking lot. He crashed into two concrete poles and finally ended up with the SUV's back end sticking up in the air, reports.

The particular parking lot where the father drove to avoid a traffic light is apparently a popular place to cut through, according to; hence, the addition of the yellow posts.

Neither the driver nor his two kids were injured by his post-haste post crash, but a special tow truck was required to remove the SUV from its precarious position, according to

The children were late for school, according to the Toronto Star. 

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