Hurry Up and Wait for the Lesbians

I swear, the expression “hurry up and wait” must have been invented here in Hollywood. “Cedric” our producing partner has enlisted a director I’ll call “Rupert.” “Rupert” is many things that are important to our project, hot, sought after, coming off a movie with good box office. So, we’ve had to hurry up and clinch his interest because he’s about to start shooting another movie. But, wait, we can’t actually talk to him because… Not sure, but we better hurry up and do it because that movie he’s shooting starts next week. I hope I like him when I talk to him, I will have hurried up and waited at least three times each.

The same thing happned at the end of last month. There was a writer who was “wild” about Down, Boy! “Wild” since February, actually. It took up two and a half months to meet with that person. But, within 24 hours of our meeting, the writer’s manager was demanding we make our decision.

I’m going to put a sign on my door. “Hurry Up” and “Wait” are out to lunch. They cannot be contacted right now. You’ll have to deal with me.