Were There Any Clues Woman's Husband Of 15 Years Could Be A Serial Rapist?

Were There Any Clues Woman's Husband Of 15 Years Could Be A Serial Rapist?

What if one day you found out that your high school sweetheart, your husband, the man you slept with every night, and father of your children, was accused of living a secret life? For Kari, that's what happened when police showed up at her door in 2013.

"My life was turned upside down," says Kari, who was married to Lonnie for 15 years. "I was awakened to police officers outside my home. They told me that my husband had been arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and possible rape. I was shocked. I thought, this can't be true. You have the wrong person."

With Lonnie's consent, police searched his vehicle after stopping him for a minor traffic violation, where they found handcuffs, ladies' nylons, syringes, a stun gun, prescription drug vials, adhesive tape, and metal leg shackles — some of the same items that Kari says she had also found around their home but disregarded.

"I just kept saying to myself, ‘This can't be happening,’" Kari recalls. "Lonnie and I were married for 15 years. It scares me that if they do have the right guy, I laid next to him in bed and had a family with him. Lonnie never showed me any signs of hate toward women. We have two daughters together, and he was the best dad."

Does Kari look back and think she missed any red flags? Watch the video above in which she recalls how she made sense of the zip ties and syringes she discovered around the house, and see more from Friday's episode of Dr. Phil here.

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