Husband Claims Wife Is Using Her Anorexia ‘For Attention’

Erika says doctors have given her only a few months to live due to her struggle with an eating disorder.

“My anorexia is slowly killing me,” Erika – who is 33 years old, 5’5” and says she weighs between 79 – 86 lbs. – claims. “My heart is starting to shut down. I’m deteriorating and my body is cannibalizing itself.” 

However, her husband Jon – who admits to being a drug addict – says he doesn’t necessarily believe his wife’s grim diagnosis. In fact, Jon says when he told Erika about his heroin problem in 2015, that is when he claims her problems with anorexia flared up.

“I feel like she’s blowing it out of proportion,” Jon insists. “Erika has always been this drama queen ... I absolutely feel like she’s doing this for attention.”

A mother of three, Erika says Jon’s drug use is contributing to her eating disorder.

“We were so broke that Jon wasn’t supplying food to the household,” she says. “I sacrificed eating so that my kids and my husband could. I eventually stopped eating.”

Watch the video above, as Erika discusses what she thinks would happen to her children if she dies, and why she says she feels that she can’t trust her husband.

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