Evelyn Bonilla Chose 'Love, Compassion And Understanding' When Her Husband Henry Came Out As Gay

Evelyn Bonilla joined HuffPost Live to share the very personal story of how she reacted when her ex-husband, Henry Veguilla, came out as gay.

Bonilla, who has two children with Veguilla, said she'd suspected her husband may be gay for about a year. She eventually confronted him when she discovered email correspondence between Veguilla and a man he'd met during his business travels in New York on the family computer.

"When I read those emails, I was actually relieved, because it confirmed for me what I suspected and it validated that I wasn't crazy," she said. "That was the moment of truth for the both of us."

While she and Verguilla are no longer married, Bonilla said she knew, at that moment, that she "was choosing love, compassion and understanding" for her best friend.

Though he described the coming out process as "very painful" for both himself and Bonilla, Veguilla added, "We're at a very good place now, and it's been an amazing experience."

You can read more about Veguilla's experience on his website, Stumbling Out Of The Closet.



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