Blind Woman Blossoms After Hubby Plants Tons Of Flowers For Her

Taking #RelationshipGoals to a whole new level.

It was a true labor of love.

An 86-year-old man in Japan spent two years planting thousands of fragrant flowers for his wife to smell after she went blind, Rocket News 24 reported.

After marrying in 1956, Toshiyuki and Yasuko Kuroki had two children and settled into a happy life tending to 60 cows on a dairy farm in Shintomi Town in Miyazaki Prefecture.

But, after 30 years of marriage, and when Yasuko was 52, she started having problems with her vision. One week after the issues arose she lost her sight suddenly to complications with diabetes.

Devastated, she withdrew from her life on the farm. Her dream of traveling with her husband was over. She locked herself inside their home and even stopped talking to people, according to a HuffPost translation of a transcript from a Fuji TV program.

It was during this rough period that Toshiyuki stumbled upon a striking shibazakura in his yard and was tickled pink to discover the fuchsia flower was not only pretty, but was also pleasantly perfumed.

He began to plant the flower on his property for his wife to smell, and noticed its appearance drew tourists during cherry blossom season in the spring. In hopes that the flower would draw even more visitors to their home and help his wife come out of her shell, he began blanketing their property in a bright pink ocean of aromatic blooms.

花見席!! 黒木さんちの横には大きな倉庫があり、そこには手作りの椅子や机、花見客の方から送られてきた写真や新聞記事が壁面に飾られて花見客の方が休憩できるようになっています。 その中に人の輪ができて会話が弾んでいる(~o~)

Posted by Yoshiyuki Matsumoto on Sunday, April 20, 2014

The sweet gesture helped Yasuko, now 79, blossom: Not only did the aroma of the flowers compel her outside, the guests enjoying the flowers on their property helped her laugh, talk to people and become sociable again, according to the transcript.

The garden now attracts over 7,000 Japanese tourists every March and April, according to Rocket News 24. The couple has even transformed an old shed into a space wallpapered with photos and information about their story.

あこがれ!!! 倉庫の中に飾ってあった写真の中で、自分が一番好きになった一枚を撮らせていただきました(^^) お二人の笑顔は、長年の苦労を越え、深い信頼と愛情に包まれた夫婦の絆の象徴だと思います。 敏幸さんは偉大すぎて足元にも及ばないとは思いますが、男として、宮崎県人として尊敬するし、かたちは別として真似てみたい人生だなぁと素直に思いました(^^)b おわり。

Posted by Yoshiyuki Matsumoto on Sunday, April 20, 2014

Though people come for flowers, what really draws tourists like a bee to a bloom is the cute couple who can be seen roaming the property.

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