Sweet Husband Proposes To Wife All Over Again After Her Mastectomy

"I really wanted to give a sign and a reminder of love and commitment."

Love really can heal.

Lora Koch of Panora, Iowa was diagnosed with breast cancer in February and recently underwent a bilateral mastectomy. She wasn’t feeling great during the recovery, but Jim, her husband of 26 years, knew just how to make her smile ― by getting down on one knee and proposing to her all over again.

The couple’s daughter Christin posted several photos of the tender moment on Twitter on Feb. 28.

“It was pretty spontaneous,” Jim told ABC News. “I’ve known Lora as the most selfless person that I know and as she was going through this rough patch, I really wanted to give a sign and a reminder of love and commitment.”

During the proposal, Jim told his wife, “I’ll always love you no matter what and we can be strong through this together,” according to Christin.

Lora was moved by the gesture.

“It was a huge surprise when he came in and got down on his knee,” Lora told Today.com. “I had just a flood of tears from that ― from the reassurance.”

On Tuesday, the story was shared on the Love What Matters Facebook page, where it received more than 22,000 likes and hundreds of loving, supportive comments.

“Treatment is so horrific, physically and emotionally,” one breast cancer survivor wrote. “This man knows exactly how to heal his wife, in every way.”

Another added, “Having the right person by your side at the worst time in your life is the absolute best medicine you can have. Their unconditional love and support helps you get through just about anything.”

The Huffington Post reached out to Christin for comment. This story may be updated.

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