How lucky can you get?

Luck doesn’t begin to describe the good fortune that has hit a Randolph, Massachusetts, couple.

Robert Goodwin just won a $1 million jackpot on a $5 instant lottery ticket, after his wife, Jane, won $1 million in the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes in August, the Massachusetts State Lottery said in a press release on Monday.

The husband chose a lump-sum payment of $650,000 ― at least part of which will go toward purchasing a home in an over-55 community some place where he won’t have to deal with snow.

“No more shoveling,” he said.

The Goodwins’ windfall came after a woman won $5 million in the New York Lottery last week after a clerk handed her a ticket from the wrong game. She agreed to buy the ticket anyway, and boom.

Americans reportedly spend an average of $207 on lottery tickets annually ― but rarely with results like this.

So, keep that in mind.

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