Husband And Wife's Comics Show What Marriage Looks Like While Pregnant

Artists Yehuda and Maya Devir are giving a relatable glimpse at married life during pregnancy, from salt cravings to some seriously uncomfortable sleeping positions.

One husband-and-wife team is chronicling their pregnancy journey in comic form, and it’s both relatable and entertaining.

For years, artists Yehuda and Maya Devir have captured the many experiences of married life in their popular comic series “One of Those Days.”

In December, Yehuda announced on Instagram that he and Maya, who are based in Israel, were expecting their first child together.

“It was the best news I’ve ever gotten,” he told HuffPost. “I hugged Maya the hardest I could.”

Since then, the pregnancy has provided lots of new inspiration for the series. The couple collaborates on concepts for the illustrations together. Then Yehuda illustrates their vision, while Maya focuses on details such as the typography and color schemes.

“The pregnancy time puts us in new situations we never imagined we would find ourselves in,” Yehuda said. “This experience shapes us very much and makes you see new and beautiful aspects of your partner.”

All the belly kisses.
All the belly kisses.

During the pregnancy, Maya has experienced some acne, bladder pressure and intense salty cravings.

Pregnancy salt cravings like WHOA.
Pregnancy salt cravings like WHOA.

She said she feels fortunate that she’s had such a great support system in her husband throughout the journey

“He’s the best there is! I’m not a spoiled person but Yehuda is for sure the most caring partner there is,” Maya said.

Can't. Reach. My. Feet.
Can't. Reach. My. Feet.

The couple did not want to reveal the baby’s sex or due date yet (stay tuned!). But Yehuda did say he couldn’t be more confident in the kind of mother Maya will be.

“She will be the best mom there is. If she wasn’t working in art, she would probably work with children,” he said. “She is a great educator.”

Below, see more of the couple’s pregnancy comics. You can also visit their website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Patreon.

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