Sean Hemeon And Brad Bell, 'Husbands' Stars, Talk LGBT TV Characters, Gay Mormons And More

Sean Hemeon and Brad Bell stopped by HuffPost Live today discuss their hit sitcom "Husbands," Hemeon's Mormon background and the type of LGBT representation that they hope to bring to the series.

Hemeon, an ex-Mormon himself, plays the character of the gay ex-Mormon baseball star on the show. As a result of this, the pair have a different perception of the type of LGBT issues and concerns they wish to address on television.

"This isn't about us being parents and it's not about us being single and promiscuous or looking for some alternative to relationships and how do we find intimacy in the modern world," Bell says. "And those are important stories that deserve to be told but I think that what is unique about this is them being in love."

According to the show's website, the premise of "Husbands" is this: "Out of nowhere two celebs get married, and the media explodes with speculation and judgement. But what if one of them was an out-and-proud TV star and the other played for the L.A. Dodgers -- the first openly gay pro baseball player ever?"

Check out the clip about and head over here to check out the full interview with Hemeon and Bell.

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