Husband's Comics Capture The Totally Relatable Moments Of Married Life

Accurate and adorable, too. 💕

Whether a couple has been together six months, six years or six decades, there are certain universal experiences that come with sharing your life with another person: fighting for time in the bathroom, committing Netflix infidelity or singing your hearts out during a road trip.

In artist Yehuda Devir’s comic series “One of Those Days,” he chronicles these experiences and others, capturing life with his wife Maya in humorous and relatable ways.

Watching ahead on Netflix without your partner? A serious betrayal.
Watching ahead on Netflix without your partner? A serious betrayal.

The Devirs, who are based in Tel Aviv, Israel, work on the series together,
using real moments from their daily lives as inspiration ― but with some exaggerated elements for comedic effect. They come up with the concepts as a team. Then Yehuda illustrates the vision while Maya, who is also an artist, focuses on details such as colors and typography.

“‘One of Those Days’ makes us even stronger as a team due to the long hours of working together,” Devir told HuffPost.

The Devirs met while they were in the army and became good friends before starting up a romantic relationship in 2010. They got married in 2016.

And sure, working together comes with its challenges. But at the end of the day, Devir admires his wife’s strong will and determined nature.

“I love that she always knows what she wants and she always gets it,” he said. “Her standards are enviable. She has an unparalleled ability to concentrate. When she wants something she’s like a tank. No one can stop her.”

For more of the artist’s work, you can check out his website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Patreon.

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