Hustle Your Way To Success

Being a hustler in business is easy if you want to be successful enough. When you want to succeed as bad as you want to live you will find a way to make it. Hustling comes as a natural way to do business when you add value to people's lives and are compensated in the process. I humbly serve ½ a million people around the globe and this came easy to me only for the simple fact that I never gave up and believed in myself when countless others did not. I set my mind right and created mental filters for those that never believed in me. I have relentless determination to make my dreams a reality and smash through the mountains that try to stand in my way to see how badly I want to succeed.

Hustle. Grind. Smash through to the other side. Never give up. Keep going. Don't stop until you reach your goals. You've got this. I believe in myself. Don't allow anyone to get you off your path. Delete your haters. Block the naysayers. All tidbits of powerful affirmations that I use to fill my mind. I don't stop when I am exhausted; I stop when I am finished. I have overcome some of the most horrific life situations that most probably would have given up by now. I have been criticized, lost friends and family and been disowned by some of my closest people that I thought would have been there for me in my darkest day. I have lived through all sorts of abuse. I have almost been homeless. My ex husband had an affair with a woman he works with and promised me she was just a friend. I have been on food stamps. I've had a car re- poed. I have wanted to quit several times. My children and alcohol have saved my life and by the grace of God I am alive and healthy. The hustle keeps me going. I live for my kids and have allowed pain to be one of my greatest teachers. The pursuit of our happiness and others keeps me going knowing that I have a mission to accomplish that no one else can complete but me. My uniqueness is my gift that I have been blessed with and must use for the greater good of humanity. I am the answer to many people's prayers. I bring hope to the hopeless. I have solutions to your problems and care about you. I have stayed up many nights praying for God to use me and sending friend requests to those I felt like I was supposed to serve. I asked for my gifts to be increased to help others lives be better. I serve others humbly and don't boast about my successes that I have rightfully earned. I respect the game and strive for intellectual enhancements that help my hustle. I watch videos, sign up to listen to webinars and read books that increase my knowledge base. I pray for those I do not know and hope for the best in everyone's life. I strive to live my life like Princess Diana and Mother Teresa. I give of my time and sacrifice for my children. I try to understand your story so I can help you in some regard. If you haven't experienced similar struggles I am not sure how you will be sympathetic or have empathy for others heartaches. I am labeled as the Master of Life and the creator of Solutions A to Z. I know you will learn a lot from me but you have to be open to changing your life. You have to allow my teaching to permeate the dark areas where growth needs to occur. I live by example and teach others through my life experiences and several years of formalized education. When you want life bad enough you will create it by using mindful manifestations every day and visualize what you want your reality to be. Slay the dragons that hold you back and have compassion for those that are less fortunate that yourself. Be the leader that others don't want to be and speak your truth. Pick up the phone that weighs 1000 pounds and ask for the sale. Tell people why your products will help them and sell that not the idea of what your products or services do. People want to invest in you because you add value to their life, change them in some capacity that no one else can and you have what they want. You actually provide solutions and answers to questions they don't know how to solve alone. Isn't that enough reason to hustle every day? How do you hustle? How is your hustle different from mine? How do you try to understand people in order to give them what they need and want?

Being a hustler in business is a must to my life because how else can you sell yourself, products and services? What other way will you succeed if you don't go after what you want? How can you serve people by never trying or making mistakes? I have found no other way then to live and breath what I want by creating self-fulfilling prophecies and being grateful when they finally come to fruition. Join my blog on Facebook called The Power of You -blog where you will be inspired through my writings, videos and personal blog posts. I teach you to do what is right not what is easy. Create a Vision and Take Massive Action for Powerful Results. I believe in YOU.