The Most Hydrating Foods For Dry Skin And Hair: Cucumbers, Fish And...Celery?

Survey says: hell yes.

Dry skin and hair can be remedied in a myriad of ways (oils, creams, hydrating masks), but for a more holistic approach, take a minute to consider what you're eating -- and drinking.

We all know that eating well has its obvious benefits, but around this time of year when pie and stuffing consumption are at an all-time high, it can be, admittedly, a little hard. But now with some down time from this most recent carb-filled holiday and the next one, try loading up on foods that will actually do some good by way of shiny, healthy hair and hydrated skin. We worked with Joanna Vargas, celebrity facialist and founder of the eponymous salon and skincare collection, Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi, Washington D.C.-based dermatologist and Dr. Frank Lipman, NYC-based functional medicine physician and founder of Be Well, to compile a list of the best nourishing foods to consume this winter.


Foods That Improve Dry Skin & Hair

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