The Guy Crushing Objects In His Hydraulic Press Finally Met His Match

Score one for the publishing industry.

It's taken a while, but the man behind the "Hydraulic Press Channel" on YouTube has finally been defeated. Kind of.

In recent weeks, Lauri Vuohensilta, a Finnish factory owner, has squeezed the life out of a bowling ball, exploded cap gun ammo and turned an innocent Lego person into a pancake, all for the edification and general enlightenment of the public.

But he met his match in his latest video, when he tried to crush a book -- and ended up seriously damaging his own camera.

Watch the video here:

Footage posted to YouTube on Saturday shows Vuohensilta trying to obliterate a Finnish-English dictionary. On the first go, the hydraulic press punches a large circular hole through the book's cover.

As you might imagine, the dictionary emerged worse for the wear, but the last few hundred pages still appeared to be legible:

Not satisfied with the initial results, Vuohensilta decides to hike up the tension, putting a small chunk of steel on top of the dictionary.

"The book managed to survive the first try," he says in the video, "but now I put in this smaller steel part, so I have much more pressure on the book."

Here's where things get a bit out of hand. The pressure sends the chunk of steel flying across the room -- damaging one of Vuohensilta's cameras in the process.

The clip -- which is suitably captioned "don't try this at home" -- has already gotten more than 1.9 million views.

Remember this next time someone tries to tell you tablets are better than books.

Here's some bonus squishing, just for fun: