Hydraulic Press Proves That Diamonds Are Sadly Not Forever

A $4,000 gemstone was obliterated by the device.

Sorry, Shirley Bassey. But it looks like diamonds aren't really forever.

A $4,000 gemstone didn't survive the squeeze after being placed underneath a hydraulic press.

Lauri Vuohensilta, the Finnish factory owner behind the "Hydraulic Press Channel" on YouTube, tested his device on a 1.2 carat jewel.

And in video posted online on Saturday, it's clear that his machinery came out totally on top.

"The diamond is gone. Diamond lose and press wins," he said, after shattering the expensive item into countless tiny pieces.

Vuohensilta, who's previously exploded cap gun ammo and turned an innocent Lego person into a pancake, was sent the diamond by online jewelry store

He later tried to burn its remaining flakes. You can see how he fared on this video posted to his "Beyond the Press" channel:

As always, Vuohensilta finished his latest clip with some bonus squishing, just for fun: