Hydraulic Press Crusher Makes Us Seriously Question How We Stash Our Cash

Watch how a safe succumbs to the awesome power of the device.

A safe may not be the best place to stash your cash when Lauri Vuohensilta is in town.

That's the takeaway from the Finnish factory owner's latest YouTube video, in which he uses his famous device to obliterate a strongbox:

Vuohensilta notes at the beginning of the video that his wife thinks his machine will be defeated by the reinforced container. But after he flicks the switch, she's proven decisively wrong: The safe crumples under the force of the press and shatters into pieces.

Vuohensilta boasts that "not only is the safe not able to protect your money" from his machine, but that the cash he'd placed inside the box, crushed as it is under several mangled plates of metal, can't even be used now.

The clip, which was uploaded Saturday and has already racked up more than a quarter-million views, appears to be Vuohensilta's response to the financial panic that followed the U.K.'s vote to leave the European Union last week. His question: When banks are unreliable, is it better to stash your money in a safe, or invest it in fine art?

As it turns out, neither can withstand the power of hydraulics.

Vuohensilta has become something of an online sensation since launching his "Hydraulic Press Channel" in October 2015. 

YouTube recently gave him its prestigious Silver Play Button to mark gaining 100,000 subscribers. He, of course, promptly crushed the award.

He's also squeezed a bowling ball to pieces, exploded cap gun ammo and turned a tiny Lego person into a pancake -- all in the name of fun.