Hydraulic Press Crusher Celebrates YouTube Award In Only Way He Knows How

Lauri Vuohensilta just did what he does best.

He's made a name for himself crushing random objects with his hydraulic press.

So when YouTube gave Lauri Vuohensilta its prestigious Silver Play Button to mark gaining 100,000 subscribers to his "Hydraulic Press Channel," he couldn't resist the urge to crush that, too.

Video posted online on Monday shows the Finnish factory owner carefully removing the metal accolade from its frame, placing it underneath the press and switching on the device.

As the award is already pretty flat, it doesn't actually end up too damaged -- so Vuohensilta has displayed it back inside the frame and display it on a shelf.

YouTube also awards Gold Play Buttons to channels that hit 1 million subscribers and Diamond Play Buttons to those who hit the 10 million mark.

Vuohensilta has previously squeezed a bowling ball to pieces, exploded cap gun ammo and turned a tiny Lego person into a pancake. Footage of the stunts has earned him an explosion of followers in recent weeks.

He's already racked up more than 1.2 million fans and expects to receive his Gold award anytime soon. And what's he promised to do with it? You guessed!