Hyena Pulls Ultimate Scavenger Move On Python And Its Baby Impala Prey

Hunger fueled the "cruel" drama in Botswana.

A hungry hyena in Botswana was in no mood to abide by the finders-keepers rule of the wild as a python constricted a young impala. (Watch the video below.)

In viral footage posted recently by Latest Sightings, the hyena eventually picked up the impala ― with the snake coiled around it ― and attempted to tote the bounty away.

That didn’t appear to do the trick, though.

The hyena continued to harass the python to surrender its prey, and the snake finally slithered away.

“The hyena devoured the impala lamb in minutes as the mother impala looked on in agony,” videographer Mike Sutherland of the Escape Safari Co. told Latest Sightings. “We were all intrigued by what was happening, and we all felt quite distraught and in shock by the scenes that unfolded. It took some explaining and guiding to get the guests to understand fully the fact that nature can be cruel, but also has strange ways that we can learn from it.”

The hyena, a scavenger and hunter, does sometimes kill and eat snakes, according to National Geographic. But this one appeared more interested in the snake’s quarry.

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