Hyperlapse Uses Google Street View To Create Cool Videos

Google Street View is awesome as it is. You can walk down pretty much any street in the world without leaving your couch (sometimes with unintended, yet hilarious, consequences). As if that weren't cool enough, now you can turn that virtual walk or drive into a video!

Just go to the Hyperlapse website, pick any two points on the map, and the video will be created before your eyes. For my first Hyperlapse video, I made my parents house the first point and put the end point down the road. I maye be biased, but the result was beautiful. Take a minute to make a Hyperlapse of a road in your hometown... or one in your ideal hometown.

The video above is just one example of what you can do. It was created by motion graphic designer Jonas Naimark. He edited together footage from all over the world, including France, Australia, and Denmark. Don't feel bad if yours isn't as pretty; he's a professional.



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