Hypnosis Isn't Nearly As Weird As You Think

Hypnosis Isn't Nearly As Weird As You Think
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I'm a board certified hypnotist. As well as a mom of two, a military spouse and before this career I dabbled in the IT world. I don't consult healing crystals when I have a problem. I love Kimmy Schmidt just as much as you do. My clients all free spirited hippies. They are CEOs, high-ranking military members, special needs children and housewives. One thing that all of my clients have in common is there open to holistic ways of healing and solving problems.

Before I became a hypnotist, I was a hypnosis client. As a 21 year old single mom, I started to develop anxiety. I would find myself too anxious to walk into a grocery store alone. Seeking a holistic, natural approach to tame my anxiety, I discovered hypnosis. Two sessions later, I found myself starting to feel calmer, more relaxed and in control of my feelings.

The trouble with hypnosis is the assumption that hypnosis is just for entertainment. Hypnosis is a relaxing way to solve a variety of subconscious issues. The subconscious mind is where our memories, feelings, habits and emotions are stored. In the relaxed state of hypnosis, the subconscious is open to making changes. Basically, hypnosis is a method used to go straight to the source; straight to the location of the problem and fix it.

As a former client, I had a lot of misconceptions and questions about the sessions. How does it work? Will I be asleep? Will I say embarrassing things?

The truth is, it's a process very similar to meditation. The client is completely in control. If they wanted to jump up and leave mid session, they could (although it hasn't ever happened). They remember the session and are conscious the entire time. Hypnosis only works if they want it to, and changes only happen if the client desires the change to occur.

There is nothing weird about hypnosis. It's simply a relaxed state where changes can occur. Ever notice you have ah-ha moments right before you fall asleep? Or remember where you put something you misplaced the moment you stop worrying about it? That's because in those moments you are in a relaxed state of mind similar to hypnosis.

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