Hyrum Bronson, U.S. Soldier In Afghanistan, Surprises Family With Early Homecoming (VIDEO)

WATCH: Touching Army Homecoming Video Will Have You In Tears

Bethany Bronson hugs her husband so hard it looks like she'll never let him go.

That's after Captain Hyrum Bronson, a U.S. Air Force doctor who had been in Afghanistan for six months, surprises her and their children by sneaking up on them underwater at a beach on Okinawa Island in southern Japan.

His family wasn't expecting him for another three weeks.

In the video, which the family initially thinks will be sent as a Facebook message to the father overseas, Bronson's daughter Charity tells the camera that she will "love him for always." Bethany says she misses him and jokes that she "wants his body" before Bronson swims up behind her in full uniform and scuba gear.

"Mrs. Bronson, your husband is here reporting for duty," Bronson says as he emerges from the water, stunning his wife and eliciting cries of "Daddy, daddy" from his children.

You're going to need Kleenex for this one.

Click the video above to watch.

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