Hysterical Kid Would Rather See Grandma Than Go To Disneyland

Mickey Mouse ain't got nothin' on grandma.

You might think going to Disneyland to meet Mickey, Minnie and all the princes and princesses of the Magic Kingdom would be a child's dream come true. Two parents from Lake Stevens, Washington sure did.

But they were wrong. Much to their surprise, there was another place their two children would rather visit.

Seattle's FOX Q13 posted this sweet video, shared by a staffer, of the moment the parents broke the big news to their stunned children that they were all going to Disneyland. The young boy and girl had been told for weeks by their parents that they'd be going to their grandma's house for spring break, as a cover.

But Monday morning, it was time for the big surprise. "We are not going to grandma's today," the parents tell their kids in the video.

Their son, Noah, wasn't having any of it.

While his little sis didn't seem too bothered, Noah burst into tears at the prospect of not spending the week with his gran.

"I want to go to grandma's," he cried.

Seriously, boys just love their grandmas. Noah reminds us of that adorable boy who was so sad he couldn't marry his grandma.

Luckily for Noah's parents, it seems he eventually got on board with the Disneyland idea after all. 

Happy travels!



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