Hyun 'Teddy' Ko's 'Gangnam Style': Murrieta Mesa High School Teacher, PSY Lookalike, Has Awesome Moves

South Korean pop sensation PSY's comeback with "Gangnam Style" has been nothing short of remarkable, as viral spoofs of his recent hit are taking the Internet by storm.

The best part: A lot of those parodies -- like this one by the U.S. Naval Academy -- are really good, and just as addicting as the original. So when we came across this high school teacher's performance, we just couldn't resist sharing. He even looks like PSY.

Mr. Ko is a teacher at Murrieta Mesa High School in California and took to the gym floor with this incredible performance to "Gangnam Style" for the school's first pep rally of the year. From what we can gather on the school's website, Hyun "Teddy" Ko teaches Geometry and Algebra I -- wish your math teacher were this cool?

Check out his showstopper in the video above (there's a raw version below). We think his moves could arguably rival PSY's, and he definitely out-dances his backup -- but comments on the YouTube video tell us that the cheerleaders only had that morning to rehearse, so we'll cut them a little slack.

Ko has taught math for 11 years, is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles, and "his purpose on earth is to make sure all of his students receive incredibly awesome mathematics instruction."

So, kids, take it from America's very own PSY -- or the California teacher who looks like him and has sweet steps -- those who know math are cool.