Hyundai Helped A Teen Send A Loving Message To Her Astronaut Father -- All The Way In Space


It takes more than a pen and paper for 13-year-old Stephanie to send a message to her father who works far away. Eleven Hyundai Genesis cars can help, though.

A recent video from Hyundai shows the process of creating a message large enough for the Houston teen’s astronaut father to see from the International Space Station. According to a press release from the car manufacturer, 11 Hyundai Genesis cars used the Delamar Dry Lake in Nevada as a canvas to recreate a note Stephanie wrote herself.

“It looks just like my handwriting,” she said in the video.

The tire track image -- which spelled out “Steph

The message's size paid off, and Stephanie's father was able to see it as well as capture it with a camera. For Stephanie, the project's success helped them connect despite the incredible distance between them.

"I'm happy that he could see it and know that we're thinking about him back home."

H/T Adweek

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