I Admit It -- I Drank the Lilly Pulitzer for Target Kool Aid

My name is Arlene and I am a shopping addict.

I have readily admitted in the past that I am a shopaholic. I have promised myself so many times now that I would change my ways, but it never quite happens. We all have our vices, and that is mine.

I was proud of myself when I did a bunch of purging this spring for my annual spring cleaning. Still, I am buying, buying, buying! It's spring -- well really summerish here in Houston, and that means NEW CLOTHES! Cute new spring type or summery clothes!

And now about the Lilly Pulitzer for Target Frenzy.

Lilly Pulitzer makes adorable, fresh, very springtime type clothes. So I watched at first with detached amusement at the big build up over her Target line. And then it launched. Did I stay up past midnight to online buy it? No way. Did I stand in line at a store? Nope. I was thinking the stuff was probably lesser quality, and I am burnt out on outlet type cheaper quality brand name stuff.

Then there was the news that it was sold out, and that it was a LIMITED TIME OFFER with no restocking! Meaning it was GONE. It appeared I was shut out, even though I saw some very cute things I would have liked. Then I wanted it because I couldn't have it.; oh yes, then I wanted it badly. I drank the Lilly Pulitzer for Target Kool Aid.

I mean, there was stuff with my name absolutely written all over it. Pineapple sandals? That is so ME!

That's when I decided I HAD to have it. Secondary sellers proliferated all over the internet. So because I was stupid in not getting on the bandwagon earlier, I would pay dearly to have a piece of this line.

It's that old adage, that you always want what you can't have.

I didn't go too crazy. I found a few cute shift dresses, marked way up of course, and purchased them. I was feeling ripped off, but also a bit smug because I avoided the hassles of the internet and store mobs, and I got my Lilly fix. I got Lilly stuff without paying regular retail Lilly prices, even if the Target line is made of lesser quality. And my time is valuable isn't it? Precious enough to warrant a little mark up?

My motivation didn't last to pursue the pineapple sandals though. I feel really silly about even wanting the pineapple sandals -- how long would I stare at the pineapples by my toes and appreciate that look? And the cutesy names -- Boom-boom pants, nosey posey, it's all a bit much if you ask me. The Kool Aid is wearing off and no, I don't need Lilly beach gear, housewares, or purses this summer either.

I am now at peace, because I got a piece of the pie. Sad, isn't it?