I Agree With Donald Trump

I have written a number of times this election cycle on my views of the Republican Nominee, most of which expressed disagreement and surprise. I have talked about him being a False Prophet, how he is giving me anxiety and finally understand his appeal. However, for my last piece in this election cycle (hold the applause) I wanted to offer the many places I agree with him. There is a reason that 40% of our country supports this man, and there are a number of things we should highlight that are appealing.

So after nearly 16 months of disagreeing here are some areas of common ground:

  • I agree with Donald that our politics is broken and the existing players are not the ones to fix it
  • I agree with Mr. Trump that we should have our best and brightest in government, negotiating trade deals, regulating and leading
  • I agree with The Donald that running our country like a business would be better than what we do now
  • I agree with The CEO of the Trump Organization that he should only pay the taxes that the law requires
  • I agree with John Miller that the carried interest tax loophole should be closed, the tax code simplified and the2 trillion in corporate cash overseas should be repatriated
  • I agree with the Host of the Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice that regulation is choking American business
  • I agree with The Don that there should be term limits in Congress, that former government officials should be restricted from lobbying and that we need to drain the fetid swamp that is Washington, DC

There are actually a number of things on which I agree with Donald J. Trump. However, I do not agree that he is the right person or has the right skills to do any of it (not to say the many positions of his I don't agree with).

The Skills
I agree that a great business leader can do many of the above (Mike Bloomberg, where are you?). However, is the GOP nominee a great business leader? The only data we have is that he says he is great. He has provided no data save for one FEC voluntary disclosure schedule. If he had provided his tax returns and the tax returns of his companies, I would be glad to revisit. If his companies were public and subject to disclosures, I would be glad to revisit. We simply have very limited data... and the data we do have (bankruptcies, Trump University fraud case, shilling his name for steaks, vitamins and other products, etc.) does not point to greatness.

The Person
Too much to write here as to why this man is not the right person to lead us. Simply put he has not earned the right to be the President of the United States of America.

So while I agree with Donald John Trump on many issues and approaches, I AM WITH HER.